Millwork Estimating

By Jeffrey Eckes posted 07-11-2018 08:55 AM

I'll begin this blog with a post from an AWI memeber, Don,

Allow me to reply to each piece of your comment, please:

Estimating Software's and sophisticated excel spread sheets going back to the early
'90s have been designed to address ever changing material costs, labor costs, delivery and fuel, wage agreements, sales terms, and overhead, there isn't anything that they can't handle including fees associated to QCP, LEED, and FSC.

I beg to disagree with you, Don.  Software doesn't 'handle' these things, people do.  Software only helps them be better organized, it does not make decisions OR entries into the system, people do.  Overhead isn't tabulated or even decided on what IS overhead by software, people do.  Why wouldn't you want people trained better?

People need college degrees if they want to be smart and really motivated.

Completely untrue and a weak statement in defense of..??

I think increasing business certifications are a slippery slope designed to run small business right out of the picture. Vetting for a position should come from a resume'-you think?

Really?  You just stated that "people need college degrees to be smart" and now you're saying that you only vette a candidate through a resume?  Really?  When was the last time you saw a resume that wasn't 'massaged' and primped to make the applicant look terrific?  When was the last time that ALL the references for a prospective hire actually returned a call?  Tell me, what has your employee retainage rate been?  Do you even look for an education?  So, what is a college degree but 'increasing business certification'?  I just can't understand WHY you would be lobbying for LESS education in a part of the industry SCREAMING for better performance, what are you frightened of?? 

BTW, I've SEEN college level construction management curriculum, I've helped to WRITE some of it, ASPE is actually far more detailed and educational in ESTIMATING than the minuscule section you get in a college course (OR from AWI and the privately run seminars it supports).  You also know that NOT A SINGLE COLLEGE teaches 'millwork estimating', right?  How do you square these facts with your 'no new education' policy?  Why, in your mind, is there no need/room/desire/tolerance for a really good certification program from an authority on estimating that's been around longer than AWI?

In summary, I don't think your argument is well researched, backed up by the facts on the ground, OR logical, but I do thank you for contributing. 

Is there ANYONE who can contribute POSITIVELY to this conversation?