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The Myth of Thickness

By Greg Heuer posted 04-23-2015 01:45 PM


The Myth of Thickness

Some think a thicker veneer will stand up better to use or be easier to repair if damaged. While this line of thought is logical, it is not usually true in the case of fine woodworking.

It is a rare piece of veneered woodwork which is not protected by a finishing process of some sort; one which applies multiple coats of a clear or opaque (and very durable) finish over the veneer and substrate. It is this finish which protects the woodwork, and usually this finish which is touched up or repaired in the case of abrasion.

Should the woodwork suffer such severe abuse that the finish is compromised, and the wood fibers below are damaged, no thickness of veneer or even solid wood would protect the work enough to be "sanded out" and repaired.

In cases such as this it will require an artist in furniture repair to work his/her magic on the damaged area and blend the repair into the surrounding environment.