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I began working in the architectural woodworking industry when I was twelve years old. What was supposed to be a three week stint for a single project turned into an every summer, every holiday and many Saturdays part-time job that I worked while I was in middle school and high school. During these early years, I performed many of the jobs that no one else wanted to do. I delivered cabinets, installed, laminated, built cabinets, ran machines, etc. At the time, I didn't enjoy the work, but looking back, it was an invaluable learning experience. I was able to learn the business beginning in the field and work back through the process. After graduating high school, I began working full-time at Adams Group. I continued my education by taking evening classes and online classes. Over the next four years, I worked full-time and took a full-time university schedule as well. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems Management. I began leveraging my passion in technology with my passion in woodworking. This marriage has served me well throughout my career. I progressed up the ranks at Adams Group from a Project Engineer, to Systems Administrator until reaching the position of Chief Operating Officer. Utilizing my experience in the shop and in the field with my technological understanding, we were able to significantly grow revenues and the bottom line of the company. I was very fortunate to be part of such a great team at Adams Group.

Today, I am taking my nearly 20 years of experience in the industry and coupling it with an extremely talented software development team. INNERGY is building the next-generation ERP system that drives the complete business process for woodworking shops!